Hi Y'all


A Note From Pastor Patti:

 I know it may seem strange to post a picture of a stained glass window instead of my likeness in this greeting but bear with me a moment.  You can come worship here and meet me – we don’t need to paste my mug up here. 


This window was commissioned for our Chartering service on Pentecost of 2013.  It reminds us that the Spirit didn’t just blow on Pentecost 2000 years ago but it continues to blow mightily and softly in our lives to this day, rooting us in our baptism and helping us grow, nurtured on Word and Sacrament.  

I personally welcome you to worship with us at Nativity and make this your church home but only if you have a heart for justice, a love for all of God’s children – they are ALL welcome here, and a desire to roll up your shirtsleeves and be about God’s work with your hands.  We are serious about having fun being God’s people.  You may find us doing yard work for a wheelchair bound member, giving out food at the food pantry, making lunches for hungry children in the summer, or sharing a cold brew on a Monday night at Top Dawg Tavern talking theology.  You won’t be bored!  You will know you are loved!  

If that is your idea of a worshiping community – Come and See – You are Welcome here!