Once upon a time, in a little town called Bethlehem, Georgia, a visionary group of people saw the possibility for a spirit-filled Lutheran congregation, who would make an impact on the community.

The first group to gather was made up of three people – A seasoned pastor who had led such groups before, and knew God’s spirit was moving here – a “Newly Minted” pastor who would become the first full-time leader of the tiny flock – and “Number One” – One solitary congregant.

The scriptures say, “Wherever two or more are gathered together in My name…”

and they had three!

We went through several years as a mission development as the numbers grew steadily from three, to five – 15 – 25 – and finally we were established as the newest full-fledged congregation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America!

Now we have purchased our own property and are renovating classrooms, offices and the Sanctuary Space to make it more conducive to worship, learning, witness and service.  We are also making it user friendly for all people.  We currently worship in the Fellowship Hall which has room for at least 100 comfortably.  We went back to one main service in the Fellowship Hall so we can all worship together and have the occasional service at Ft. Yargo early in the morning for those who like to worship outside and have other commitments later in the day.  Come over and check us out!!