Once upon a time, in a little town called Bethlehem, Georgia, a visionary group of people saw the possibility for a spirit-filled Lutheran congregation, who would make an impact on the community.

The first group to gather was made up of three people – A seasoned pastor who had led such groups before, and knew God’s spirit was moving here – a “Newly Minted” pastor who would become the first full-time leader of the tiny flock – and “Number One” – One solitary congregant.

The scriptures say, “Wherever two or more are gathered together in My name…”

and they had three!

We went through several years as a mission development as the numbers grew steadily from three, to five – 15 – 25 – and finally we were established as the newest full-fledged congregation in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America!

We have now renovated the sanctuary and we look forward to having you worship with us. 

There is room for ALL!