Meet our council

Duane Linnartz - President


Duane has been a member of Nativity since our church was chartered. He has served on church council, directs the hand bell choir, and sings with the sanctuary choir. 

When he's not busy with church, Duane spends his spare time working around the house and teaching at Apalachee High School.

At this time, Duane is in the discernment process as to whether to pursue seminary.

Once upon a time Duane wrote a children's book - The Adventures of Georgie and Bartholomew - and the second book is "in the works" for a couple of years now.

Terry Chongulia - Vice President


Terry is a resident of Walkton County and has been part of Nativity since 2017. She is originally from the Midwest. She serves locally on the council as well as regionally on the board for the Southeastern Synod Women of the ELCA. She has a passion for animals, music, and the visual arts. 

Delilah Hall


Delilah came to the Lutheran Church from the Methodist Church when she was 13 years old, and has been a proud Lutheran ever since. She retired in 2018 after 44 years in the insurance industry. Fortunately, retirement has freed her up to be able to do more with her church. She has one daughter who lives in Virginia with her son-in-law, and doggie (a 175 lb Great Dane) and she has a poodle that lives with her. She enjoys reading, music, and learning.