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Why is it that a simple word like ‘Stewardship’ makes us squeamish?   Merriam-Webster defines Stewardship  as “: the conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially: the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care”.  When God created the earth, land, water, plants and animals he entrusted it to the original stewards, Adam and Eve and the rest is history.  We at Nativity pride ourselves on our goals to be good stewards.  We recycle paper, aluminum cans, plastic bags and printer ink cartridges.  We try to use only paper/Styrofoam products that are environmentally friendly.


Along with Stewardship come those other three little words, Time, Talent and Treasures.


TIME - Members at Nativity are challenged with various activities within the community to give of their time.  Adults and youth built homes for needy families in WV and Habitat for Humanity.  Members hand out food at a Barrow County food pantry, and recently provided dinner for the patients at a cancer home.  We have worked with FISH to provide summer lunches for children who otherwise would not have a lunch during the summer.

TALENT – Nativity has been blessed with many talented people.  We have a voice choir, a chime choir and recently added a bell choir.  We have some of the best cooks when it comes to church pot luck.

TREASURES – We have been blessed at Nativity.  Many of our members have increased their financial commitment to Nativity over the years which has allowed us to do God’s work within the community we serve.  When there is a special need, our members step up to meet the challenge.

Stewardship is Discipleship