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Sometimes we focus so much on Christ’s three year ministry, that we seem to just skip from the manger scene straight to the wedding at Cana, and forget that Jesus, although He was God incarnate, took the time to study His Father’s word from elders in the temple.


At Nativity, we seek to continually grow in our discipleship, and we all understand that only happens when we study God’s word, seek His will in our lives, and practice what we learn in our community.


We have a wide variety of programs at Nativity through which we learn more about being Christians, being Lutheran, being good citizens in our community and world, and becoming servant leaders.


We have a traditional Sunday School setting, in which our adult congregants select a theme of study and pursue it for several weeks, then move to the next topic.  We have classes for middle through high school students, and for younger children, based on serving our community and learning about Christ from the gospels.


For those who want to know more about the background of the Lutheran Church, we frequently run a course of study on what it means to be a Lutheran.



One of our avenues of education is a biweekly discussion group we call “Bible & Brew”.  Who besides Lutherans could host such a group?  After all, Martin Luther and his wife lived in a brewery, and she was a master brewer.  Imagine the discussions that took place around the table with Martin leading the discussion and his students chiming in!


Who knows – maybe the next new and exciting way to learn and grow as Christians is inside YOU, just waiting to take shape and help us all grow!

We Never Stop Learning